Drop-off and Pick-up Map

You have an opportunity to make a difference! There is nothing worse than starting the day off rushed and frustrated. Let's work together to make traffic flow smoothly in our parking lot. Please take a few moments to review Century Park's morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up guidelines.
● Before and after school, keep the flow of traffic moving. Drive up to the student drop-off/pick-up zone and let your students exit or enter the vehicle on the passenger side of the car. Then reenter the left-hand driving lane to exit.
● The drop-off/pick-up zone is shown on the image below with the label "Drop off/Pick Up Zone." The area in front of the main office is a NO STOPPING ANYTIME zone. Please do not make a right from the drop-off/pick-up zone to drop off your students.
● Pull the vehicle up to the curb. Always make sure students are entering and exiting the vehicle on the curbside of the car. Students should NOT enter or exit the vehicle in the left lane or out of the driver side of the car.
● If you need to exit the vehicle for any reason, please park in the parking lot. The drop-off/pick-up zone is ONLY for students that are quickly entering or exiting the vehicle. ONLY students should be entering or exiting the vehicle in the drop-off/pick-up zone.
● If you are parking your vehicle, walk your student across the parking lot in the designated area. Students are NOT permitted to cross traffic without an adult.
● When picking up your student, drive to the drop-off/pick-up and wait for your child; do not leave your vehicle unattended. If you need to exit your vehicle, please park in the parking lot.

Remember to drive slowly and safely, always watching out for students who may not be watching for you. Thank you for keeping our students safe
Updated September 2021