Century Park Receives Energy Star Award

We are proud to announce that Century Park Learning Center and Grandville High School have recently earned Energy Star certification. The Energy Star Award distinguishes these schools as being in the top 25 percent of all K-12 schools nationwide in energy efficiency. These awards are testimony to our commitment to improving our environment as well as reducing energy costs. The savings mean that more money can be kept in our classrooms.

Did you know that our maintenance staff works directly with Consumers Energy and DTE on each of our facility projects to select the most energy-efficient equipment, such as boilers, lights, and even drinking fountains? With the 2015 and 2016 building projects wrapped up, our district was awarded $99,272.22 worth of rebates from Consumers Energy and $21,333.75 from DTE. From 2009 to the present, Grandville has been awarded energy rebates of $159,086.88. Thank you to the residents of Grandville whose generosity in supporting the bond and sinking fund millage makes this possible, and to our maintenance staff who continually strive to improve on our energy savings each year.