Grandville Set to Host ‘Amazing Shake’ Competition

Excitement is brewing as preparations are underway for the first districtwide Amazing Shake competition! This event marks a milestone in the district's commitment to fostering professionalism and interpersonal skills among its students.
Over the past several months, fifth and sixth graders in all seven Grandville elementary schools have been honing their interpersonal skills. Amazing Shake judges will rate the young contestants on traits such as manners, poise and confidence, which are important for success in professional settings. 
Local business and community leaders will play a key role in the competition as judges, evaluating students based on their ability to "work the room," answer questions, and deliver speeches with poise and professionalism. With professionals from over 25 area businesses and organizations, the judging panel reflects the broad support and engagement from the community.
The competition will take place on Feb. 20, 2024, with the top students from each school vying for the district championship. In this closed event, students will showcase their talent and determination as they demonstrate their newly acquired skills to judges.
What do local businesses have to say about the Amazing Shake?
Pamela Silva, president and CEO of Grand Valley Surgical Center, LLC, says, “The students are our future and helping them understand and perfect the professional skills of eye contact, handshakes and engaging in conversation is critical for success. It is also so important that as a community business we support the development of our future workforce by bringing a school and community together for the good of the students!”
Sally VanEck, a small business owner, says, “Seeing students of all levels practicing skills of engagement and expression in a ‘practiced’ public setting is exciting to witness. Knowing that our descendants will have the ability to use civility and problem-solving skills gives me enormous hope for our future as a society.
The Amazing Shake competition is more than just a contest; it's about providing students with the tools they need to succeed in an increasingly competitive world. By integrating the Amazing Shake's training into the curriculum, Grandville Public Schools is empowering students to excel in their future careers. This program is funded by the GEF and generous donors.
As the excitement builds for the upcoming competition, Grandville Public Schools invites members of local news stations to join us at this special event. To RSVP for media coverage, please contact Brian Mulder, Amazing Shake Coordinator, at [email protected] or (616) 254-6750 by Feb. 16.